Benefits and Constraints of Joomla Web Development

Joomla is one of the most popular open source website content management system (WCMS). Using Joomla WCMS, you can make sure a dynamic, easy to use and professional looking website which embodies the most advanced features. Businesses can resort to Joomla Web Development in order to boost their website traffic. But every technology has its own benefits and restrictions which holds true for Joomla CMS as well.

Here are the key benefits and constraints of Joomla Web Development:

Open-source Framework: Being an open source framework, anyone can download Joomla CMS for free. Once you have the source file, you can customize the code based on your need without seeking any legal permission. This is how it saves you a huge amount of licensing and other fees. Joomla CMS can make custom website development highly affordable for all.

All in One Platform: Joomla CMS can truly be regarded as the ‘all in one platform’. Whether it’s a small business website, a complex corporate website, web portal or blog website, Joomla turns out to be the best solution for all. Apart from this, Joomla CMS is also used to create enterprise web applications, government web applications, social media websites and legacy applications. If you are a publishing house seeking for web development platform, Joomla is a right answer.

User-friendly : deploying and running Joomla framework is a lot easier. You need to be any expert programmer or computer engineer to use Joomla CMS. Simply perform few clicks and the installation is done automatically. Joomla based websites allow you to modify, remove and update content on your website on your own.

Ready-made Templates and Themes: Joomla CMS comes with a number of off-the-shelf web design templates and themes. The best part of these templates and themes is you can make the necessary changes in them to meet your business custom requirements. There are thousands of Joomla templates and themes available online, you can pick the one that best match your requirements.

Smooth Technology Migration: The best thing about Joomla website is it can be smoothly migrated to other servers and it is compatible with all the databases existing on the market.

Joomla Community: It is quite a large community of Joomla developers. The Joomla community keeps sending the regular updates about the new themes, plug-ins, extensions, design templates, bug fixing and versions of Joomla CMS. The vast community of developers also assist you in case of any technical issue during your Joomla development.


Besides its plethora of features and benefits, Joomla CMS has some constraints too, which are outlined below:

  • The customization in Joomla website becomes restricted at certain level.
  • The framework requires specific plug-ins for a specific script.
  • It is complex for static as well as small web applications.
  • Joomla CMS doesn’t allow you to link different web pages with different CSS.

About Author:- The guest post is by a former Tyson Edou Civil Technology Consultant at Premier Solutions Group. Tyson Edou Civil share some experience with Web Development Solutions for your Business.


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